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The process of organising support meetings in the regions is placing a considerable strain on the executive members, with only limited local people volunteering to support this process.  As you can imagine finding venues, paying for advertising and flying people to the various regions to run meetings (often for limited turn out of members) is a costly and time consuming business.  It requires further application for funding that places additional load on our volunteers on the executive.  We have therefore decided to provide our support mostly via the website.  The "Contact" page provides further opportunitiy to ask specific questions that will then be answered via email or phone with advice being provided by our medical advisor, product specialists and/or fellow CPAP users.  Where of general interest answers to these questions will also be added without names to the questions page on the website.  If you need support at any time you can also phone Jill on 021344253.  

Presentations from Previous Support Meetings

Christchurch - Alison Finlay - Care of your CPAP presentation 

Gisborne - 10th March 2015 at Mangapapa School
Michelle Scott Presentation - Sleep Hygiene
Sara Bodel Presentation - Healthy eating for sleep apnoea patients
Sarah Garrett presentation - Troubleshooting CPAP 

Hastings - 16th March 2015 at Education Centre Hastings Hospital 
Presentations requested 
Anna Horgan - Sleep Apnoea and Diet 

Dunedin - 7pm Monday 10th November 2014 - Tahuna Normal Intermediate School Hall
Amy Lowry presentation - Diet and Sleep Apnoea

 Christchurch - 6.30pm Tuesday 11th November 2014 at Breens intermediate School Hall.
Liz Beaglehole presentation - Eating for Health
Paul Kelly presentation - CDHB Sleep Service
Courtney MCauley presentation - Sleep Hygiene

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