SAANZ wishes to thank the following product suppliers for their continued support of our organisation and its members.

  • Fisher & Paykel Healthcare who pay for the printing and distribution of our newsletters, provide us with a venue for face to face committee meetings, provide product information advice to members and continue to take an active interest in all aspects of SAANZ support.

  • Sleep Well Clinic who provide medical information in response to member queries and regularly support the organisation at meetings.

  • Sleep Well Therapy who fund the website hosting and regularly supported us with their presence at support group meetings.  

  • Fatigue Risk Management Solutions who maintain the SAANZ Facebook page with information relevant to members.

Click on the links provided and you will go to the site shown. They are worth exploring and may well contain helpful information.

Support material from CPAP suppliers

- Fisher & Paykel Healthcare











Sleep Well Clinic
  • Sleep Well Clinic - for testing and treatment of sleep apnoea and other sleep problems - clinics held around the country

  • Sleep Well Therapy - for information and products.  Check out their support page for useful information and troubleshooting.



Other Products and Service Suppliers

- Resmed

Resmed OSA Information

- Philips Respironics

Phillips Respironics CPAP Information 

Sleep and respiratory care solutions


 New Zealand Products, Manufacturers and Services

International Products, Manufacturers and Services

These sites all have a range of helpful information, brochures, and other items and are well worth visiting.


Other Not-for-Profit Organisations

SDA information courtesy of Sleep Disorders Australia.

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