There are two on-line questionnaires which will help you decide if you have a sleep problem.

Some of us know friends or family who think we may have a sleep problem - or we may know someone else who does. You don't have to feel lousy, sleepy, or tired, but you could be in danger of losing your health, years of productivity and happiness, and your life.

Try out these questionnaires; they may be helpful. They are designed to help you to recognise possible sleep apnoea so that you are more aware and can then start to investigate treatment for your symptoms.

The questionnaires alone are not the basis for diagnosing sleep apnoea or a medical condition. Read below to find out the next steps.

There are two tests you can take on-line - they only take a few minutes.

What Can I Do About Sleep Apnoea?

How can I be sure if I do --- or don't have it? See your doctor or go to a Sleep Disorders Professional.

The purpose of the questionnaires are to make you aware of possible Apnoea. You might have some other medical or emotional condition, or even some other sleep disorder (see below).

You might even have Sleep Apnoea and have not answered "yes" to any of the questions; some people have Apnoea but don't snore, for example.

The questionnaires alone should not be the basis for diagnosing Sleep Apnoea or a medical condition. Talk about the results of this quiz with your GP. After ruling out other possible medical problems, your doctor may suggest you have an evaluation at a sleep laboratory or with a professional trained in diagnosing and treating sleep disorders.

It is clear from research that sleep related disorders reduce the quality of life of an estimated 240,000 New Zealanders. Only a small percentage are investigated in spite of the impact sleep deprivation has on the population, especially on those with other contributing health issues.

If you have any doubt, the first step is to consult your GP. Diagnosis could lead to a new, better and safer life for you - and your family.

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