SAANZ aims:

  1. To promote awareness of sleep apnoea, sleep disorders and healthy sleep through our website, newsletters and support group meetings in the regions.
  2. To provide information to the general public about sleep apnoea and sleep disorders.
  3. To provide support to people with sleep apnoea / sleep disorders, and to their families.
  4. To encourage and promote support groups or branches of the Association throughout NZ.
  5. To take an advocacy role, for the benefit of NZ society, with appropriate government departments, health organisations and other interested parties, promoting the awareness and implications of sleep apnoea and sleep disorders

SAANZ is a completely volunteer organization, with no paid employees.  A committee is elected each year at the AGM in November, and we always welcome new members to come and join us.  We currently have a very active committee but some office holders will look to stand down over the next year.  If you are able to contribute to the organisation, either on or off committee, please contact the secretary via the "Contact Us" page.  The AGM agenda will be available on this website from the beginning of October.


SAANZ was formed in 1992 when a group of concerned sufferers with OSA decided a national support group was needed. Meetings were held and support came from the medical profession and sleep specialists in particular. It was recognised early on that a Newsletter was important and this appeared under several different designs until the current quarterly, full colour Sleep Times was established in December 2002.

Since the 1990s, SAANZ has been supported by Fisher & Paykel Healthcare who often host our committee meetings and pay for the printing and distribution of our quarterly newsletters.  They also provide speakers for our regional support group meetings.  Dr Alex Bartle of Sleep Well Clinic is our Honorary Medical Adviser who is able to help us with answering patient inquiries and often attends our support group meetings.

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