The 2020 AGM was held at 4pm on Thursday 15th October in Auckland at Fisher House, 117 Kerwyn Avenue, East Tamaki.  

Following the year in recess, and with no further offers of help on the committee being received, SAANZ is to close the organisation, and simply maintain a Facebook presence and retain contact via other organisations that currently include our contact details.  There is a wealth of information about sleep apnoea across many websites, and our Facebook page will provide links to some of these, plus information about where to go if you need diagnosis or CPAP treatment.  The official closing of the organisation will simply remove all administration and financial operation requirements, and remaining funds will be donated to an organisation that is working in the area of sleep health support.

Minutes of the final AGM of SAANZ held at Fisher House, East Tamaki, Auckland on 15 October 2020.

AGM 2020 Minutes

Financial Reports
2020 Annual Financial Report
2020 Treasurer's Report to AGM

Accounts for payment

J Hammonds - travel - $56.92
R Bryant - travel - $

2020 President's Report to AGM

Motion to AGM: "That Sleep Apnoea Association NZ be formally closed and the remaining funds, after payments of AGM expenses, be gifted to ANZSAA for the purposes of supporting ongoing development of the treatment of OSA”  Research could be the focus of this use.  AGREED.

Reporting from the AGM will be included on the Facebook page by early November.  Existing members will be emailed shortly to inform them of our intention to close.

Meeting Attendees

Meeting attendees 2020 AGM


From left Mike Riley & Mike Matson (previous presidents), Rod Bryant (secretary/treasurer), Jonathan Ellis (F&PH), Elaine Bryant (previous president), Jill Hammonds (president and web editor), Sherry Taylor (membership), Sandra Mackay (F&PH), Rachel Lehen (Vice president & Newsletter editor).  Absent: Dr Alex Bartle (Medical Advisor), Ross Kirkbride (previous president).

The Facebook page can be accessed at and for other support needs phone or email one of the people listed below.

Jill Hammonds Ph 021344253 or email

Rod Bryant Ph 0274771883 or email

Rachel Lehen Ph 0276698737 or email

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