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SAANZ has been run by a committee of volunteers comprising sleep apnoea patients, a medical advisor and product specialists.  We have given our time freely in order to support other people going through the process of diagnosis and treatment.  We have all experienced the highs and lows of CPAP treatment and are thus able to share the ways that we have come to view our CPAP as our best friend.  This is something that often takes time but is worth perseverance in order to optimise health and wellness.  We hope that we can assist you at whatever stage you may be with daytime sleepiness through to CPAP treatment.

At the AGM in 2020, the Association was officially closed, due to the lack of volunteers available to maintain the organisation.  Members of the outgoing committee will continue to offer help and support via our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SleepApnoeaSupportNZ, through email saanz.editor@gmail.com and via phone 021344253.  

This website will soon be coming down but the information contained here will be reviewed and useful information transferred to the Facebook page.


Sleep Apnoea - An Overview

Jill Hammonds    Dr Alex Bartle 

Jill Hammonds, SAANZ Editor, interviews Dr Alex Bartle of Sleep Well Clinic NZ about all aspects of Sleep Apnoea and its treatment

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